We focus on making Qitele playground equipment become a place where kids have funny and wonderful adventures. In order to achieve this aim, we keep high standards in every step in the design, manufacturing, inspection and transportation.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Qitele Outdoor Playground Equipment is a place where kids can challenge themselves in a facility made up from our exciting range of towers, slides, climbing wall, rope walks and high-up vantage point playhouses.

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    Qitele Playground Equipment

    Indoor Playground Equipment

    Qitele Indoor Playground Equipment is an amusement area that allows children to develop their physical abilities, to feed their imagination and to increase their interaction with others through play!
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    Swing & Outdoor Fitness equipment

    Qitele Swing Series contain colourful single swings, see-saw swings, multi-swings with bird’s nest seats. lt offers a pleasant thrill for children and encourages them to play with their families and friends.

    Qitele Outdoor Fitness Series offers a new and unique way to combine outdoor entertainment with physical exercise. This series allows children to assess their abilities, measure risk, and improve their skills so that all ages can challenge themselves.

    Qitele Playground Equipment


    Qitele Playground Equipment

    Outdoor Fitness


    Qitele Climbing Series is divided into rock climbing and rope climbing. Both of them can bring children a sense of excitement and improve their balance ability, as well as exercise their courage.
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    Physical Series Playground

    Qitele Physical Series Playground has safe and durable structure, with the harmonious color and fine production. In the playground, children are able to exercise the muscles, gain more playmates and build friendships.
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    Dog Park Playground& Community Facilities

    Dog Park Playground is a place where you and your dogs can physically interact with joys. Our design reflects our deepest concerns about the wellbeing and convenience of you and your dogs.

    Qitele Community Facilities are designed for outdoor passers-by to rest. Our facilities play a vital role in shared space like promenades, town squares and shopping centers.

    Qitele Playground Equipment

    Dog Park Playground

    Qitele Playground Equipment

    Community Facilities

    Other Products

    Freestanding Equipments

    Qitele’s Freestanding Equipment provides children with a world of play opportunities. Slides, Seesaws, Spring Riders, Merry Go Round and Music Equipment can not only stand alone, but also become a playground together.

      Qitele Playground Equipment

      School Furniture

      Qitele School Furniture is made of high-quality PP material, they are durable, color-fast and environmental protection. The elastic backrest and cushion on this series have 2 height choices are helpful for the healthy growth of children's vertebral.

        Qitele Playground Equipment

        Children Comprehensive Toy

        Qitele Children Comprehensive Toys are always the favourite for children。 The clever design and bright colors can help them enjoy the fun of DIY and develop their creativity.

          Qitele Playground Equipment

          Customized Challenge Playground

          Qitele Customized Challenge Playground provides children with a variety of challenging entertainment experiences. The designs make for exciting kids playgrounds.

            Qitele Playground Equipment
            Creating joy for kids is what drives us.

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